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PUBLICATION - Robb Gibb, PGA: Considering Additional Certifications
(PGA Magazine / August 4, 2015)

During the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show, I had plans to meet with several golf technology-based companies. One of them, Science & Motion Sports, was high on my list. After engaging with their team I purchased a SAM PuttLab5 and completed my Level One Certification at the Show. The Level I Certification provides a basic introduction to report analysis, placement, calibration and setup. Upon arriving home, I continued my education and completed my Level II and Level III Certification. Level II focuses on multiple putter analysis, comparison reports and more advanced analysis while Level III goes deeper into biodynamics, grips, weight and identification and treatment of the "Y" word, which I won't print here. Currently, I am one of only four Level III Instructors in the world, and the only PGA member recognized as a Senior PuttLab Instructor.

SAM PuttLab costs between $6,000-$8,000 depending upon add on features. A majority of our membership gravitates towards me in regard to short game and putting instruction, and by having the certifications my lesson book has solidified. In the course of a season I will do 100-plus fittings, which run $150 per hour and annually will generate $25,000 plus in revenue. Furthermore, I fit 70-80 percent of members into a putter specific to their needs and not something purchased off the rack. I also purchased a raised aluminum hydraulic planar surface called the Putting Perfection Platform for all my PuttLab analysis, as well as purchasing the Tour Gauge Digital Putter Machine from Mitchell Golf. This allows me to measure and bend any equipment used in my teaching studio.
Robb Gibb, Golf Pro
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Robb Gibb, Level III Senior PuttLab Instructor, Certified Torque Balanced Putter Fitter
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